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What is the homeland?

A homeland is the place you carry in your heart all your life, a destiny with which you have been blessed at birth.

It is well known that Transfagarashan highway is one of the most scenic roads in the world. That’s definitely a really good reason, to put it in your schedule, when traveling to Romania. If you’ll be traveling to Romania by a motorbike, you’ll think you are in paradise. Just note the road is close from 1st November to 30th June. © Nina Travel

The land of authentic, welcoming nature and exciting culture

Romania’s natural features are unique in Europe, our country enjoys the embrace of the Carpathians, with their areas of true wilderness, and the ever-fresh beauty of the Danube Delta, as well as extensive plains scattered with little natural and cultural treasures. People enrich this natural treasure with unchanged traditions and a warm and generous personality. Our cultural sites, many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, give evidence to a unique history, with a heritage of Latin origin mixed with other great cultures of the continent. The stories of these places will surely fascinate you, and the deep spirituality of Romanians will impress you too.

Rural Tourism

Perhaps the best place of starting the exploration of Romania is the rural area, far from civilization and close to unspoiled nature. In your wanderings through the Romanian lands, you'll discover how warm and close people of the village and their greeting to visitors. Apparently, time did not affect the lifestyle of the Romanian peasant. Moreover, in the villages hidden in the valleys of the mountains or highlands, time flows differently, more settled.

Romania has numerous castles and fortresses, but there is only one, who steps out – Bran castle or best known as the castle of count Dracula. Visiting the Bran Castle is a must thing to do in Romania. © Nina Travel

Ecotourism and adventure tourism

If you are looking for a personal holiday experiences and places that inspire you, we're confident that you'll love Romania, inviting destination for lovers of blazed trails and authentic culture. Romania's natural wealth is unrivaled in Europe.

The Danube Delta was one of our favorite Romania tourist attractions. If you like diverse flora and fauna, you should not skip it – it is amazing there! © Nina Travel

Cultural tourism

Our people culture is an exceptional mixture of Byzantine influences on an ancient Latin foundation, a cultural mix that is unparalleled in the world. You can see, hear and you can enjoy it in almost every city, town, monastery or historic site on our territory. Romania's unique cultural heritage is reflected in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, throughout the whole territory. Starting form Dacia and Roman influences from antiquity, Byzantine and Slavic influences to the Middle Ages - Romania is an exceptional amalgam of fascinating ingredients. Extraordinary scenic testimonies of our uniqueness are, for example, the painted monasteries that can only be found in Romania.

Health tourism

Romania is one of the richest countries in Europe and the most outstanding in terms of natural healing factors. Romania hosts more than one third of Europe's mineral and thermal springs.

One and only – count Dracula. He is the main reason Romania is known all over the world and lots of Romania tourist attractions get the attention because of him. © Nina Travel

Seaside tourism

Somebody who has not ever camped on the beach can not understand the charm of falling asleep and awakening in the sound of waves and touched by the sun early in the morning. If you want to enjoy such experience, the beaches of Mamaia, Vama Veche and 2 Mai wait for you as soon as the season opens at the Black Sea (in May). You will enjoy the feeling of freedom given by camping outdoors, but also by the proximity to chic clubs and bars or fish restaurants and fisheries scenting to the world their delicious menu.

City Break

Romanian towns, many with a history that goes back millennia ago, have chosen rather to create a genuine future, starting from bases of ancestral heritage than to rapidly develop. So, do not be surprised when even in cities with strongly linked to contemporary life, you will discover vestiges of the bygone era as walls of ancient cities or ancestral houses.

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