Poster Exhibition


1 March - 12 April 2019 | JRC ISPRA Caffeteria

History is made by people, women and men alike,and it’s more than wars, treaties and politics. It's about people who through courage and vision changed lives for decades or centuries that followed.

Have you ever wondered who invented the objects that you use in daily life?

There has been some Romanian discoveries that were mind-blowing in their time, and are now used in everyday life.

Romanians are not only welcoming and fun people to be around, but brilliant, and resourceful.

Romanians have a huge intelligence potential.

The concern for the new has always been in the attention of Romanian scientists. Some of them have entered history, their inventions saving millions of lives.

It takes a real pride to introduce to you Romania’s greatest inventors, and their original and practical contribution to a better world.

Contact details

Name: Desiree MARINESCU – Project Leader

Phone: +39 0332 78 3748